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Gelana Says...Getting healthy starts with with you put into your body.
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Sara Marble, Plexus Diamond Ambassador shares...I'm all about keeping it real - so you want to know the TRUTH about Plexus?!
🔺Plexus products are not a meal replacement
🔺Plexus products are not magic pills
🔺Plexus products are not an energy drink
🔺Plexus products are not a diet.
🔺Plexus products are not a fad.
🔺Plexus products are not a cure.
🔺Plexus products are not a 21 Day, 8 Week, time limited fix.
🔺Plexus products are not synthetic, full of dyes, sugars, GMOs or gluten.
🔺Plexus Worldwide is not a scam company.
🔺Plexus is not packaged meals.
🔺Plexus Worldwide IS a total health and wellness company.
🔺Plexus products ARE about gut health, blood sugar regulation, inflammation reduction and eliminating the root cause of common ailments.
🔺Plexus products ARE life chang…
Gelana Says.....
Everyone has a BUT, but you gotta reprioritize.

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My question is: How big is your "But"?😳😉
💵 "I would love to try Plexus...BUT I can't afford it."
🍹 "I try to drink water....BUT I don't like it."
🚶 "I feel better....BUT I haven't lost any weight yet."
🚴 "I try to exercise...BUT I'm too tired/don't have time/haven't seen results."
⌚ "I love Plexus products...BUT I can't remember to take them everyday."
The problem -----> Your BUT is too big!!!
We ALL have excuses BUT wouldn't you rather have healthy results!? Financial Freedom??? Decide. Commit. Succeed. Period. LAY DOWN YOUR EXCUSES AND YOU WILL PICK UP SUCCESS!! Let me help you get there!! Don't forget 15% off until April 15th!!! Message me and let's chat!!

Gelana says....Pain is not something you have to live with the rest of your life.  Plexus products work at the core issues causing the pain and may reduce or alleviate your pain completely.    Stop pain hijacking today!

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When Pain Hijacks Your Brain April 12, 2016/
By Sarah Anne Shockley, Columnist
I had a great inspiration for this article a couple of weeks ago and immediately forgot what it was. I exhausted myself, uselessly racking my brain for the idea I’d had. What was it I thought was so perfect to write for Pain News Network?
Several days went by with me trying to find the elusive idea. I couldn’t even figure out what it related to. It was as if it had completely left the universe and was utterly irretrievable. Gone without a trace.
Ever feel like that? Studies have shown that chronic pain affects the brain, but most of us living with chronic pain don’t need researchers to tell u…
Gelana says...To lose weight and stay healthy, you must understand how your body works.  See how blood sugars drastically effect how you feel.

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If you think blood sugar problems are reserved for those with diabetes or its cousin, Metabolic Syndrome X – think again. The truth is that we are all constantly managing blood sugar swings.
Your blood sugar is controlled by two main hormones: cortisol and insulin (glucagon and epinephrine also play a role). Cortisol's main job is to get blood sugar up by pulling from your fuel reserves. Insulin's main job is to lower it back down after cortisol has kicked in or after you eat.
Why does this matter? Controlled blood sugar helps you keep your brain and blood vessels healthy, your energy levels and mood balanced.  Controlled blood sugar also wards off stress on both the cortisol and insulin systems — which when taxed over time will lead to bigger health pr…
Gelana Says....More and more professionals are supporting the  use of Plexus, see why below.
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So, you might be wondering WHY would a Holistic Health Coach choose Plexus as the products of choice for her clients?
Because as fellow ambassador, Kim Wilson Pollock, says, "As a Holistic Health Coach, lots of folks ask my why I do Plexus. And this is what I tell them:
The most impactful experience of my life was taking care of my mother while she was ill. Being a primary caregiver to a cancer patient was the most difficult and most rewarding job I have ever had.
My mom saved my life. It was because of her persistence in finding alternative ways to beat cancer that I started to research diet and nutrition and began to understand that what I was eating was slowly killing me. I would still be counting calories and eating Lean Cuisines & candy corn if it wasn’t for my mom.
Since that experience…