My family and I moved to Pekin almost 8 years ago and in that time my own children have been met with bullies, suicides and self harming of close friends and multiple other traumas including other kinds of death.   Children shouldn't have to go through these kinds of traumas so early in life, but unfortunately it is our world today.

Like many in Pekin and the surrounding area, I have followed the story of Robert Bee.  I did not know him or his family and I will never claim to know what might have happened.  What I do know is how heartbreaking his story is and how it has affected me personally.  I can't imagine how difficult it has been for those who knew Robert personally.

Many years ago, before I started grad school, I worked in non-profit agencies that struggled to have enough services available for their clients.  Today I can finally provide something to the community I couldn't in the past.

Since bullying is such a huge issue in Pekin, I decided to host a support group to help Bully Proof our kids.  Its imperative to teach our children how to protect themselves from bullies because they will encounter them throughout their life.

My first group begins Sept 9 and will run for four weeks.  Due to space limitations, I can only support a small number in one group.  Therefore, I have scheduled two age groups.  I expect there to be a lot of interest and plan to schedule more groups as the interest continues.  Please forward to any family member you know who has a bullied child or teen.  Lets work together to stop tragedy in our community.


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